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TOYS Exhibit at Gallery 924

December 8th, 2010 by Nate

This past Friday, I had the opportunity and privilege to display a new piece in the Primary Colours invitational holiday art exhibition TOYS. The exhibition of 20 artists was held at the new Gallery 924 at the Arts Council. They really have a nice space over there – nice vibe and flow throughout. We were free to interpret the theme “TOYS” however we chose, so it was really fun to have that freedom. The diversity of pieces reflected many different interpretations, some more abstract than others.

Final digital piece

Since I’ve been exploring origami lately, I wanted to do a photography piece that incorporated an origami prop of some sort. One of the reasons I like paperfolding is that you start with one square of paper and wind up with something incredibly different and more complex. You can really create anything out of nothing. Before I even knew exactly what I was going to create, I had decided to title the piece “Imagination” to reflect this quality. You can create anything in your mind using your imagination, and it really is the best “toy” a person can have.

Initially, my idea was to fold a paper boat that was floating in a puddle. I actually went through the process of hand-making the double-sided tissue folding paper (really nice to work with) and folding the model to use. I liked the model, but part of me wanted…

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