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About Nathan Greuel

January 18th, 2010 by Nate

SeventhSTR1NG is the online alias of Indianapolis designer/photographer Nathan Greuel. This website was created to be my online home where I can share my projects, inspirations, and thoughts.

After graduating from Taylor University in 2006 with a degree in Computer Graphic Arts, I started my professional design career at a digital marketing agency in the Indianapolis area, where I’m still working currently. I spend a majority of my time as a web/interactive designer, crafting the user experience and front-end presence of websites for clients of all types. My aim is for simplicity and clarity in design, minimizing visual clutter but attaining a certain level of sophistication, polish, and uniqueness. In my spare time, I enjoy studying and practicing website development. Bringing a design to life online requires a similar but different mode of thinking and is equally as fulfilling.

Photography became one my my favorite hobbies in college and has always been a creative outlet. All types of photography fascinate me, as they all have unique ways of connecting to the viewer. I am particularly interested in composition and post-processing techniques, and exploring new ways of presenting images. An image might evoke a certain reaction when presented in one way, and a completely different reaction when presented slightly differently. As such, portraiture and landscape photography have become my favorite genres to explore – chronicling the beauty of creation and the limitless depth of human expression and emotion.

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