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Sara and Nate Save the Date

February 15th, 2011 by Nate

I love a good project that is quick, fun, and turns out great. My best friend /college roommate is to be married this year to a wonderfully perfect girl and I all but insisted that they let me help out with their save the dates and invitations. I wanted to come up with something that was as goofy, playful, and colorful as they are – something that the recipient would think, “That is sooo them!” After a brainstorming session, we decided to go for a photogrid approach, but with the photos all interacting with each other in some way. Front and center we wanted a nice picture of them together, but all around would be individual shots of them reacting in different ways. Plus Mini-Wheats, their kitty (which we rescued from certain death and nursed back to health in our college dorm room). All we needed was to shoot the images we had sketched up.

A fast photoshoot provided all the images I needed and the card came together pretty quickly after that. Finally, we had it printed on heavy glossy front/matte back stock. Excited to move on to the invitations!

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Trending: Infographic Resumes

February 12th, 2011 by Nate
Infographic resumes have been growing in popularity in the past few years, following the popularity of infographics in general. While they are nice eye candy and present a lot of information in a nice graphical package, do they really communicate that information more effectively than a standard resume?

A couple days ago, a twitter post by Xiik prompted me to check out what’s been a growing trend in traditional resumes: The infographic resume. It seems logical enough – a resume is essentially a collection of focused information about your employment experiences and accolades, and well-designed infographics excel at presenting information in an interesting and understandable way. Creatives (esp. designers) may be particularly drawn to this form because 1) They hate boring resumes 2) It utilizes their skillset 3) It is still “traditional” in the sense that it’s still presentable as a printed document, yet different enough to stand out from the mass of other resumes that may be coming across HR’s desk.

Cool Infographics blog has a nice article about this trend that’s picked up over the last year or two. I’m impressed by the variety of different infographic styles that people have come up with, and some even contain humorous bits about the individual’s life history. It’s definitely refreshing t…

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Android Jones: the “Apocalyptic Art Shaman”

February 8th, 2011 by Nate
From Andrew's bio: "His work is a hybrid of academic training, emerging technology and the mystical experience, bringing together a mixture of archetypal mythology and spirituality... In Andrew's live painting he searches to capture the invisible energetic elements of life that no photo or video camera are capable of reflecting."

I first saw Andrew “Android” Jones‘ work while I was browsing the art booths at Wakarusa 2010. Being a digital artist myself, I was really drawn to his signature style, which I would describe as a fusion of light, shapes, patterns, portraits, and environments into a chaotic but very cohesive whole with dark, mystical, and deeply personal undertones. Many, if not all of the portraits in his pieces are hand-painted digitally, and I love the way their eyes are often the center of attention (they’re the window to the soul, are they not?). One of the coolest things I immediately noticed was that the prints he was displaying weren’t just prints, they were lenticular holograms. One piece would have a remarkable depth to it, while the piece next to it would have several artworks in one image that morphed between each other based on your viewing angle. Very cool.

He’s one of the only arists I know that use Corel Painter for a majority of work, which just goes to show that Photoshop isn’t the only player in the game. I tried using Corel Painter awhile back and it just seemed quite a bit less polished and intuitive than I was used to. Granted, it caters to a bit different audience. He also uses Zbrush for 3d figures and manipulation. One of his signature techniques seems to be

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